2024 Career Fair Sponsors

ISGT Career Fair and Reception
Join us at the ISGT NA 2024 Career Fair to interact with the power industry leaders and recruiters and see how you can be part of the movement to “Innovate a Decarbonized Resilient Grid”.

The ISGT Career Fair and Reception will be held during the ISGT NA 2024 on February 21, 2024, 6-8pm eastern time. All ISGT attendees are welcome to attend the Career Fair.

Information for Attendees
At the ISGT career fair, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage with leading industry experts, pioneering companies, and visionary professionals who are driving the revolution towards a smarter and more efficient world. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to make your mark in the industry or an experienced professional seeking to take your career to new heights, this event is the perfect platform to discover cutting-edge technologies, trends, and job opportunities in the smart grid, smart building, and smart cities domains.

  • Just bring your resumes and explore your options for internships, part-time, and full-time jobs.

Information for Employers

At the ISGT career fair, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce your company, its mission, and the industry it operates in.

  • Each employer will get a designated table and area to promote their organization and available openings.
  • The logo and information of the participating organization will be listed in this page.
  • Highlight the various positions available within your company and the skills you are seeking.
  • Describe the work environment, values, and any unique perks or benefits offered to employees.
  • Desired Candidate Profile: Outline the qualities and qualifications you look for in potential candidates.
  • Explain how candidates can apply for positions and the preferred method of contact.

The space for employers is limited and allocated based on first come first serve basis. Employers interested in reserving a table at the job fair are required to pay a fee of $500. For more information and reservation, please review Sponsorship opportunities or contact ISGT2024@ieee.org .