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ISGT NA 2024

The 2024 Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, North America (ISGT NA 2024) was held in Washington DC from February 19–22, 2024. The theme for 2024 was “Innovations for a Decarbonized Resilient Grid.”

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Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H St. NW,
Washington DC 20001 USA
Tel: +1-888-512-5969

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The electric power system is undergoing a fundamental transformation fueled by historic investment in modernizing the transmission and distribution infrastructure and integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and technologies to enhance the grid resilience. These are driven primarily by the need for decarbonization, evolving customer needs, and need for flexible and resilient operation of the electricity grid in the face of resource variability, extreme natural events, and increasing occurrence of malicious cyber and physical attacks. These changes are resulting in an enormous increase in the system complexity, where the number of active control points in the grid is too high to be managed manually. Therefore, there is a need for innovation in design, integration, operation, testing, and evaluation of newer technologies and processes in order to enable and accelerate progress towards increased levels of automation under both normal and emergency grid conditions. Additionally, new structural and architectural constructs will be critical for allowing local decision-making which is a key steppingstone in realizing a “decarbonized resilient” grid.

ISGT NA 2024 is a forum to discuss the latest issues, trends, and innovative technologies for the decarbonized resilient grid of the future. The Conference will feature keynote and plenary sessions, panel sessions, and technical papers presented in poster sessions, as well as pre-conference tutorials.

For any questions please contact us by emailing at ISGT2024@ieee.org.

Our Sponsors

Official Diamond Sponsor - ISGT NA 2024
Official Silver Sponsor - ISGT NA 2024

Official Silver Sponsor
ISGT NA 2024

Official Bronze Sponsor - ISGT NA 2024

The Conference Organizing Committee invites practitioners and researchers worldwide to submit papers and panel proposals on conference topics grouped into the following three tracks.

Track 1 - Decarbonization

  • Transportation Electrification
  • Smart Buildings, Smart Communities, and Smart Cities
  • Interdependent/Converged Infrastructures
  • Blurring of Traditional Transmission/Distribution Boundaries
  • Customer enablement and incentives
  • Grid Architectures
  • Policy and regulation

Track 2 - Resilience

  • Enhanced Predictive and Corrective Analysis Methods
  • Look-ahead Situational Awareness
  • Adaptive Grid Reconfiguration
  • Mitigation of Extreme Events
  • Vigilant Operations Planning
  • Advanced Grid and Resource Planning
  • Cybersecurity

Track 3 - Innovation and Deployment

  • Standards evolution
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Energy justice and Equity
  • User interfaces
  • Navigating the paradigm shift
  • Virtual Power Plant Solutions and deployments
  • Microgrid Solutions and Deployment
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities
  • Applications of AI and Machine learning
  • Case studies, success stories, and lessons learned.
  • Sustainability