What do Blockchain, Resilience, Demand Response and DER have in common?

Ron Melton By Dr. Ron Melton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Electricity Infrastructure Systems

Blockchain, Resilience, Demand Response, DER – keywords for a recent research paper? Could be, but in this case, these are the topics of the four tutorials offered on Sunday, February 17th as a part of the 2019 ISGT North America.

IEEE PES tutorials are a great bargain. Each has been proposed by a single instructor or a team of instructors, reviewed by the IEEE PES education committee, and then offered to the conference organizing committee for their conference. In this case the ISGT organizing committee selected these four tutorials because we think they are contemporary topics that will be of interest to attendees either new to the industry or attendees wanting to get some depth of exposure to one of these topics.

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