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Track 1 – Transmission and Distribution systems planning and analysis

Advanced Distribution Management Systems Research and Development at the U.S. DOE
Ron Melton

  • Ron Melton
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    GridAPPS-D™ - an open platform for development of advanced applications for distribution system management and control

  • Murali Baggu
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Experience with the NREL ADMS Testbed

  • Duncan Callaway
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    An Advanced Application for Community Control of Distributed Resources for Wide Area Reserve Provision

  • Liang Min
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Multi-Scale Integration of Control Systems (EMS/DMS/BMS)

  • Sidhant Misra
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Advanced Optimization and Control strategies for distribution management with large-scale integration of distributed energy resources

Artificial Intelligence in Power System Operations and Planning
Feng Qiu
  • Zhaoyu Wang
    Iowa State Univeersity
    Data-Driven and Machine Learning-based Power Distribution Grid Operation (tentative)

  • Sejun Park, Deepjyoti Deka, Michael Chertov
    Joint Learning and Parameter Estimation in Power Distribution Grids (tentative)

  • Alinson Xavier, Feng Qiu, Shabbir Ahmed
    Learning to Solve the Security-Constrained Unit Commitment Problem (tentative)

Overhead Lines Monitoring
Kaveh Aflaki
  • Ahad Esmaeilian

  • Dale Douglas
    Douglas Consulting

  • Ali Naderian

Distribution System Hierarchical Load Modeling: Needs, Trends and Methodologies
Dongbo Zhao
  • Dr. Dongbo Zhao
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Emerging Trend and State-of-art of Distribution System Load Modeling

  • Dr. Barry Mather
    Power Electronics based Load Modeling

  • Dr. Ali Ghassemian
    Needs of Load Models in US Distribution Systems

  • Dr. Zhaoyu Wang
    Iowa State University
    Intelligent Methods in System and Load Modeling

  • Dr. Evangelos Farantatos
    Potential Application of Load Models

Planning and Operating a Flexible and Resilient Grid: Insights of Recent ITS TF Technical Reports
Tom Pierpoint
Chairs: Shay Bahramirad and Jay Liu

  • Doug Houseman
    Impact of IEEE 1547 Standard on Smart Inverter

  • Ryan Quint
    Impact of Inverter Based Generation Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance

  • Bill Chiu
    Managing the New Grid

  • Emanuel Bernabeu
    "Definition and Quantification of Resilience” and following up explorations

  • Shay Bahramirad
    DER- Models, and Standards

Energy Management in a 100% Renewable Grid
Tu A. Nguyen
  • David Hochschild
    California Energy Commission
    California’s 100% Renewable Energy Future

  • Dr. Benjamin Kroposki
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Achieving a 100% Renewable Energy – Operating Challenges

  • Dr. Anjan Bose
    Washington State University
    Distribution Management System for the Grid of The Future

  • Dr. Tu Nguyen
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Energy Management for Energy Storage Systems

  • Dr. Reinaldo Tonskoski
    South Dakota State University
    Virtual Inertia for Stability in 100% Renewable Grid

National Power Grid Resilience Modeling
Feng Qiu

Zhaoyu Wang
  • Alireza Ghassemian (tentative)

  • Liang Min
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • Zhaoyu Wang
    Iowa State Universtiy

  • Dr. Jay Liu

  • Dr. Stephen Folga
    Argonne National Laboratory

Planning and Operating a Flexible and Resilient Grid: Lessons Learned and Vision for the Future
Tom Pierpoint
Chairs: Marianna Vaiman, V&R Energy, and Tom Pierpoint,

Round Table Discussion with Industry Leaders:
Electric industry has been working extensively on innovative technologies that can help ensure the resilience of the grid and policies that support resilient system operation. To address the need to provide strategic vision and coordinate multiple efforts directed to improving resilience, reliability, security, and stability of the transmission and distribution grids, IEEE PES formed Industry Technical Support Task Force (ITS TF). The Task Force works closely with IEEE Standards Association, IEEE-USA, DOE, FERC, NERC, NATF, and other industry, government and regulatory agencies on complex issues impacting the energy sector. The Round Table discussion with industry leaders from IEEE PES, IEEE USA, ComEd, National Grid, PJM, TVA, DOE, FERC, NATF, NERC and other organizations focuses on lessons learned and effective strategies for planning and operating a flexible and resilient grid.

Shay Bahramirad, ComEd; Emanuel Bernabeu, PJM; Babak Enayati, National Grid; Tom Galloway, NATF; Gary Kobet, TVA; Mark Lauby, NERC; Jay Liu, PJM; Dagmar Niebur, Drexel; Damir Novosel, Quanta Technology; David Ortiz, FERC; Michael Pesin, DOE; Veronika Rabl, IEEE USA

  • Damir Novosel, Quanta Technology,
    Managing the New Grid

  • Emanuel Bernabeu, PJM,
    Definition and Quantification of Resilience

  • Babak Enayati, National Grid,
    Impact of IEEE 1547 Standard on Smart Inverters

  • Gary Kobet, TVA,
    Impact of Inverter Based Generation Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance

  • Dagmar Niebur, Drexel University,
    Supporting Global Community: DERs, Microgrids and Related Technologies

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Track 2 – Technology applications and supporting tools for Transmission and Distribution system operations

Bending All the Rules: Flexing Demand and Storage to Optimize Building and Grid Efficiencies
Marcus Jones
Emergency monitoring and control through new technologies and analytics
Mallikarjuna Vellem
  • Konstantin Turitsyn
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Line Roald, Ph.D. (tentative)
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Mallikarjuna R. Vallem, Ph.D.
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Michael Chertkov, Ph.D. (tentative)
    Los Alamos National Laboratory
Improving Power System Reliability and Resilience through the Use of Enhanced Modeling and Advanced On-line Software Tools
Marianna Vaiman, V&R Energy
  • Alex Lee, ERCOT

  • Slava Maslennikov, ISO New England

  • Hongming Zhang, Peak Reliability

  • Robin Manuguid, San Diego Gas & Electric

  • Nils Stenvig, ORNL

  • Pavel Etingov, PNNL

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The Evolution of Microgrid Controls: From Early Adoption to Grid of the Future
Sarah al-Farhan
Improving Small Signal Stability using Wide-Area Measurements
Felipe Wilches-Bernal
  • Daniel J. Trudnowski
    Using the Pacific DC Intertie for Damping Inter-Area Oscillations in the Western Interconnection

  • Joe H. Chow
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Effects of Wind Turbine Generators on Inter-Area Oscillations and Damping Control Design

  • Felipe Wilches-Bernal
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Damping of Inter-Area Oscillations via Modulation of Aggregated Loads
Next Phase of Successful Synchrophasor Applications
Damir Novosel
Moderator: Damir Novosel
Quanta Technology
  • Eugene Litvinov

  • Emanuel Bernabeu
GWAC Workshop
Ron Melton
Grid Connected Buildings as a Transactive Hub
Farrokh Rahimi
  • Mark Knight
    Using transactive energy/markets to integrate DER

  • Gerald Gray
    How buildings can play a central role as transactive hubs

  • Ron Ambrosio
    Utopus Insights
    Evolution of grid modernization and associated challenges/opportunities

  • Ron Bernstein
    Evolution of smart buildings and grid edge technologies

Track 3 – Market and policy considerations in facilitating innovation and enabling a flexible and resilient grid

Transactive Energy Blockchain Applications
Farrokh Rahimi
  • David Chassin
    Stanford University
    Mayank Malik
    Stanford University
    How blockchain could give us a cleaner electricity grid?

  • Michael Mylrea
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Blockchain Revolution: The good, bad and ugly learned from the largest federally funded blockchain project

  • Randy Bishop
    Keyless Security Infrastructure

  • Scott Neumann
    Practical Considerations for Transactive Energy using Blockchain

Data Analytics for Grid Resilience Modeling and Enhancement Planning
Zhaoyu Wang

Dr. Feng Qiu
  • Dr. Zhaoyu Wang
    Iowa State University

  • Dr. Ian Dobson
    Iowa State University

  • Dr. Feng Qiu
    Iowa State University

  • Dr. Yingchen Zhang
Energy Storage Valuation
Ray Byrne
  • Ray Byrne
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Overview of energy storage applications

  • Patrick Balducci
    Quantifying the value of services provided by energy storage in various applications, with an emphasis on services that are not yet easily compensated

  • Tu Nguyen
    Assessing behind-the-meter applications for energy storage

  • David Copp
    Assessing storage + solar applications

  • Ricky Concepcion
    A tool for estimating maximum potential revenue from energy storage in market areas, QuEST
Retail Markets
Anu Annaswamy

Anjan Bose
Enhancing Smart Grid Resilience through Coordinated Transmission and Distribution Restoration
Wei Sun
  • Dr. Wei Sun
    University of Central Florida
    Adaptive Restoration Strategies for Resilient Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems with High Penetration of Distribution

  • Dr. Deepak Ramasubramanian
    Electric Power Research Institute
    Parameterization of Aggregated DER Model for Bulk Power System Transient Stability Analysis to Enhance Grid Resilience

  • Dr. Hung-Ming Chou
    Dominion Energy
    Dominion’s Blackstart Restoration Plan Study and Real-time Simulation Testbed

  • Dr. Qiuhua Huang
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Coordination of Transmission, Distribution and Communication Systems for Prompt Power System Recovery after Disasters
Research Needs for Transforming the Grid Edge
David A. Copp
Moderator: Dr. David Copp
Sandia National Laboratories

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Cybersecurity - Late Breaking Developments at NIST
Tom Pierpoint

Developments in Advanced Analytics Applications in Smart Grid
Arnie deCastro