ISGT 2019 – Shaping your Career

Ron Melton By Dr. Ron Melton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Electricity Infrastructure Systems

Are you new to working on the electric power system? Or perhaps you’ve been working on “the grid” for 40 years. In either case, how are you shaping your career and giving back to the industry? How are you staying up-to-date?

Wherever you are in your career and whether you are a hard-core power systems engineer or someone who is bringing experience from related areas, ISGT is the conference for you. The conference is designed to promote interaction, networking, and career development via the opportunities for Q&A in the panel sessions, in-depth discussions in the poster session, the opportunity to see live demos of new technology, and several opportunities to network.

You have the opportunity to learn through the tutorials offered on February 17th on both fundamental topics such as Power System Resilience and Distributed Energy Resources or new topics such as Blockchain Technology. The plenary and regular panel sessions will provide you with timely information on the current and future states of the electric power system and the challenges along the way.

Think about what questions you want answered through attending ISGT. For example:

  • What are the key challenges in grid modernization?
  • Will growing penetrations of distributed energy resources disrupt the grid as we know it today?
  • How can we cost-effectively increase grid resilience to all hazards?

These are just ideas – I suggest you spend a few minutes thinking about what questions you would like to discuss. Then, please join your colleagues at the conference and come prepared to roll up your sleeves and engage!