10 Years of ISGT!

Gerald J. FitzPatrick By Gerald J. FitzPatrick, Leader, Applied Electrical Metrology Group, NIST, Quantum Electrical Measurement Division

Can it really be that this is the 10th ISGT NA? So much has changed in the power industry since the first ISGT, which was hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland in January, 2010. The first ISGT was intended to be “a forum for the participants to discuss the state‐of‐the‐art innovations in smart grid technologies” that “will offer practical applications and near-term solutions”, and that goal for the conference has not changed.

2010 was a time of large federal government investments aimed at accelerating the modernization of the nation’s electric transmission and distribution systems. Initiated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and co-funded by the industry, these projects amounted to a total investment of about $8 billion in electricity delivery systems. There was great excitement about the smart grid and the 700+ attendees at the first ISGT demonstrated this. Topics covered included advances in power and energy systems applications; cyber and physical security, communication, and control; smart sensing and advanced metering; home automation; demand response; and renewable integration. ISGT 2010 had 6 plenary panel sessions and 15 presented paper sessions over 3 full days. To peer inside the time capsule, you can find the program with links to some of the presentations at:

Fast forward to February 2019. At this ISGT you will be able discuss with the experts the advances in the same areas as the first one, but with the experience of the completed projects, and with the proliferation of smart grid technologies deployed in the grid since 2010. You’ll also be able to discuss topics that were not so prominent or even around at that time: blockchain, microgrids, big data analytics. Note the word discuss – the format of ISGT 2019 is designed to strongly promote discussion so that you can have the depth of understanding and ability to use what you see and hear there most productively. There will be plenary and parallel panel sessions, but without the parallel paper sessions of previous years. Instead of presented paper sessions, all accepted papers will be presented in poster sessions for more one-on-one discussions. The papers will be posted in IEEE Xplore®. To ensure even more active, inclusive, and quality discussions in the panel sessions than we’ve had in the past, all presentations will be posted in advance of the conference for you to review and come prepared to get your questions answered and to voice your comments. We are looking forward to seeing you at an exciting meeting, with the relevance, the enthusiasm, the optimism, and the synergism that has permeated ISGT since that very first one in 2010!