ISGT 2010–ISGT 2019 – What’s in the Cloud!

Ron MeltonBy Dr. Ron Melton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Electricity Infrastructure Integration

The Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference in 2010 marked the start of a dialog about taking advantage of smart grid technology to address challenges in electric power systems.  Motivated by the activities funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act the conference was organized as a forum for those developing and applying technology to share experiences and discuss the road ahead. So, what were we talking about at ISGT 2010? The “word cloud” below gives us some insight. This word cloud was generated from the titles of the 58 presentations found in IEEE Explore for ISGT 2010.

Looking at the word cloud “smart” jumps right out. That is no surprise – let’s look a little deeper. Energy and grid – also no surprise. Distributed, renewable, system, network, security, penetration, dynamic, resources – all words easily spotted. A little bit less easily spotted – framework, integration, optimal, hybrid, monitoring, future.

These terms are all still in play. Still used in our active, ongoing discussions. In 2019 we have some additional terms we might expect to see if we generate a new word cloud – for example, storage, electrification, transportation, resilience, platforms, architecture and I’m sure several more. How do you think the word cloud will have changed since the first ISGT? Come to ISGT 2019 and find out. You’ll hear from leading researchers and practitioners about the current and future states of innovation in the electric power system. There will be opportunity for engagement with the presenters and other attendees to learn from their experiences and contribute your voice to the discussion.

Please plan to join your colleagues from industry, national labs, vendors and the academic community for engaging discussions on the current and future states of the development and application of smart grid technologies in our electric power systems. Join us in Washington, D.C. on February 17 – 20, 2019 and witness the formation of a new word cloud.